Sunday, November 16, 2008

Radishes and Wreaths

The Rochester Farmers' Market has moved into the Horse Building at the county fairgrounds for the season. We met some friendly new vendors yesterday and found several new veggies to try, including this large, gorgeous heirloom radish the farmer called "Beauty Heart" (It's in one seed catalog as "Chinese Red Meat." ) Not only were these radishes spectacular when sliced, they tasted fabulous. I definitely want to grow them!

Today was yet another gray day, but not too cold, so I decided to make a wreath. Our farm's previous owners must have cut off the top of a nice spruce for a Christmas tree last year, and the bottom was still growing. I pruned off a bunch of those branches and gathered up snips of juniper, white pine, sumac,pinecones and highbush cranberries from the woods. I had saved a 48-inch metal hoop from last year's wreath, to which I attached the boughs and decorative snips. Other than the hoop and the ribbon, the entire wreath came from our land.

While I was making the wreath, Rog was firing up the pizza oven to make bread and two small pizzas. He is getting to be really good at this! Here is the lovely pizza just before we devoured it.

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Lucy said...

Seems to be a very brave project with some very pleasant outcomes.

Glad you like PICTURES JUST PICTURES. Thanks for giving it a Blotanical Fave.

Lucy Corrander