Friday, November 7, 2008


This morning when we woke up the world was turning white with snow - this was the view out the window. Although part of me dreads winter, I always feel giddy excitement with the first snowfall. After breakfast I went out to take some photos. The tree on the left is a burr oak (a native prairie species) which Rog has named "Burr Oak Obama."

Rog's jack o'lantern is still hanging in there. He looks especially crabby about the weather...

but the dogs were overjoyed, racing around the yard and pastures, snuffling and tumbling in the snow.
My concrete head sculpture seemed to appreciate wearing a stylish and cozy hat - actually a willow decoration our friend Judy made us for our patio.

The windmill was gently turning in the light breeze.

One tree is still stubbornly clinging to its leaves. I am so pleased I got my future garden all ready for winter in time (it's in the foreground and right of the fence).
Still have to get these hoses stored away, though.

I'm thinking one of the reasons farmers traditionally paint their outbuildings red must be to have some color to look at in the winter.

While checking out a branch that broke off in last week's winds, I noticed a deerstand in a tree in our back yard. I discover something new here every day!
The path to the woods looks inviting, but the bright green understory gives an indication of our invasive buckthorn problem. Buckthorn stays green into winter, so it's easy to identify this time of year.
Cocoa grazing on some birdseed dropped under the feeders. I worry the dogs consume more birdseed than the birds do.
When I came in, Kittywampuss had found a cozy spot in the kitchen to snooze. Both our cats become lazily dormant in winter.

I'm feeling kind of lazily dormant in this weather, too-but now must get back to work!

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