Sunday, November 9, 2008

Truck Success and Birdfeeder Mystery

Yesterday Rog was finally able to get the fittings he needed for the Willys truck and installed the hose, and started right up! Woa- is it loud! (Must need a muffler). We only drove the truck around the farmyard because it really needs brake work, but Rog says he'll leave those to the professionals. He was beaming about his mechanical accomplishment, though.

When we got up this morning we had deer out in the yard, which made the dogs go bonkers with excitement. The deer must have been hiding out in our yard because of hunters on the neighboring land. We finally let our dogs out when we thought the deer had departed, but I was worried about them getting out of the yard and hunters mistaking them for deer, so I dressed Cocoa in an orange t-shirt and Nutmeg in a red tank top. The shirts were a bit too large, but the idea worked pretty well, so I will look for some kid's-sized bright orange shirts at Salvation Army this week.

Our bird feeders suffered some mysterious vandalism during the night. One of the shepherd crooks (the one with the feeders containing black oil sunflower seeds and with the squirrel-deterral device my Dad made) was bent all the way down to the ground. I don't think we have bears...could raccoons get up there somehow and do that?

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George Africa said...

My bet is bears.

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener