Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Few Things For Which We Are Thankful

My parents drove to SquashBlossom Farm from Bemidji for Thanksgiving. It was their first visit because my mom has been recovering from a seriously broken ankle. We are thankful her ankle has nearly healed. The trip was not without misadventures--their transmission went out about 30 miles north of here. We are thankful it happened so close and that our AAA membership enabled us to tow their vehicle here and for them to rent a car to get home. We loved having them visit and had fun playing scrabble and whist. Friday afternoon my mom and I browsed antique shops and TJ MAxx while my dad and Rog burned piles of brush. My mom (who is afraid of chickens and a bit dubious about us raising them next spring) gave us a sweet ceramic chicken dish as a farm-warming gift--part of the breakfast table setting in this photo. Thanks!

Precisely a year ago, our friends Anne and Jon came to our house for Thanksgiving dinner and while the turkey was roasting, I drove Anne out to show her this wonderful farm we had just looked at. We had already fallen in love with this place, but realistically didn't expect we could ever move here. It took 7 months of negotiation with the sellers to come to an agreement, a month to sell our house, and another month to close and move, but here we are a year later, miraculously celebrating this Thanksgiving on our dream farm! We are so thankful to have this opportunity to pursue a dream.

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