Sunday, December 26, 2010

Evening Chores in December

Even in the cold winter,  Evening Chores is one of my two favorite times of the day (the other time being Morning Chores.)  I try to keep to a pretty rigid schedule because the cows in particular are expecting me at a specific time. By suppertime, they are waiting  for me at their feeder. It's the bovine highlight of the cold, short winter days.  
When it snows, Lariat's body is dusted with white snow while her face is dusted with green hay.
We have had 41.3 inches of snow already this winter--25.6 inches more than average for December, and we still have a few days to go - could get more!
The deep snow has prevented us from clearing away the mess from the huge downed trees on the south side of our barn which were removed so they won't block the sun from our solar panels -- although they would be blocked under several inches of snow right now anyway, if they were hooked up!
The fallen trees have created wonderful rabbit habitat, and our older dog Nutmeg is totally obsessed by the rabbits which have taken shelter under the tree branches. 
Icicles on the edge of our roof glow over the holiday lights.  This year, we completed the transition to all energy-saving LED lights (they save  87%  of the energy traditional Christmas lights use!)  I especially love these lights with bulbs that change color, glimmering from red to green.
Sunset comes all too early in December. The days are so short this time of year- but growing longer from here on out! 


Allison at Novice Life said...

How pretty! Evening chores in the barn are my favorite time of day too :) Even in winter!

katiegirl said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! Hope you're all staying warm!