Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yesterday afternoon when they were warning everybody about this big storm, it was so lovely out it was hard to imagine it  would amount to much.  They got it right this time, though--a great storm, with impassable roads, canceling all events and giving us a luxurious snowbound day at home.

Last weekend,  our rather rickety snowblower survived a few close encounters with a big  chunk of wood, a small hunk of brick and a cookie sheet that had been serving chicken feed until it got wrapped around the snowblower blades. Shortly after these near-death experiences it made a gasping sound a burning smell and really gave up, never to start again.  We decided rather than purchase another old used, hard-to-start snowblower, we would buy a new one. So, last night at the last minute we went out and quickly chose one,  then zipped home and unloaded it from the back of the pickup just as it started to sleet, a layer of ice freezing on the east-facing windows. Soon, sleet turned to snow, rapidly accumulating.

This afternoon when I ventured out with my camera to check on the critters and check the mail, the snow had drifted unevenly from bare frozen grass in some areas to thigh-deep.
 The outbuildings on our farm create sort of a courtyard that it is cleverly sheltered from the wind and blowing snow. When I left the shelter of the yard to go out to the road to check the mail, the snow blasted my face like icy needles. (No mail or newspaper- I guess our couriers are stayed from their appointed rounds today.)
There would be no solar power today, even if they had finished  installing the PV panels. The barn roof is now covered in snow, but if the snow stops and the wind keeps up like this, it should be bare again in no time.
Lariat's fuzzy  coat was crusted with snow.
LaFonda didn't care to come out of the shelter of the loafing shed.
The smarter chickens stayed indoors, but the oblivious guineas sat on the fence complaining. When I went out to do the chores just now I tried to herd them into the barn, but no, they flew up onto the roof. Aargh. It is expected to get bitterly cold tonight. I left a small barn door open for now, hoping they come to their senses and go in.  I don't relish going back out into the blizzard to close the door.

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Cheri said...

At least I know that my chickens aren't the only dumb ones preferring to be outdoors to in on days like this!