Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sweet Meadiation

We have been wanting to make some mead (honey wine) from our honey ever since I got the bees, but unfortunately our honey crop was way too small and precious this year.

On Friday, I purchased a 20 lb. bucket of honey from Sister Alice, the beekeeper for the Sisters of St. Francis at Assisi Heights. The sisters are rather famous locally for their honey (see recent article).  I  promised to give Sister Alice a bottle of the finished mead.

The honey was frozen and unfiltered, so I let it thaw out overnight, then warmed up the bucket in a sink full of hot water so it would flow more easily. I was all set to strain it through several layers of cheesecloth when I remembered, duh, I had purchased a filter for my own honey!  I set the filter atop a big pot and poured it in--beautiful, sweet, sparkling, golden honey drizzled through.

Then Rog started the mead, adding water and yeast. It is now in a big bucket beginning fermentation. There are a few more steps yet, and it will be a whole year before it is ready.  They say good things come to those who wait. We are patiently waiting for a lot of good things: mead, dandelion wine, elderberry wine, and 8 kinds of cheeses!  (oh, and two calves next spring.)


Barry said...

All sound so great. Dandelion wine reminds me of my Mom. You folks really are great. Your place looks even more beautiful with a frosty coating of snow. :)

Stone Art said...

sounds interesting!