Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Steps Forward...

Everything has arrived and the solar panels are ready to be installed on the roof of the barn!  The snow had finally melted off the roof and this morning was even a bit warmer than the past few bone-chilling days. Curt had all the safety gear set up, and this morning his crew arrived to begin work.
On the underside of the roof, some of the beams required boards to be sistered to them to provide a place for  the mounting hardware to attach. These two men worked way up in the roof above the loft, amid a nice crop of  cobwebs.

Unfortunately, the crew had barely begun this morning when freezing rain began to fall - not very safe for working on a metal roof - so work ceased.  Tomorrow night a big winter storm is forecast, but they hope to be able at least get the mounting brackets installed before the weather deteriorates.


gz said...

Hope all goes well.
I like the vent stack on the barn roof. Interesting shapes!

Susan said...

Thanks, gz,
Those stacks are called "cupolas" and I think they must be as much for ornamentation as for ventilation. On one side of this cupola, the date 1918 is embossed -presumably the year the barn was built, and the cupola also serves as an elaborate pedestal for the weather vane. Cupolas are typical to old barns like ours -the loafing shed, which was once a smaller pig barn, also has one, same shape but less fancy.

gz said...

inspiration for pots!