Friday, December 3, 2010

Handy Dandy

Problem:  So many pairs of work gloves, garden gloves, mittens, winter gloves, but can you ever find a matching pair? And when you come in with them all wet or snowy, where to put them? We have tried baskets, shelves and radiators over the years, which usually resulted in a big, messy pile where things didn't ever dry out or they got lost behind the radiator.

Solution:  Last weekend at Fleet Farm I got two inexpensive ($3.49 ea)  rows of wire hooks intended for the back of a door to hang towels or robes, and a package of 12 wire clothespins ($1.99). We screwed the hooks to the closet wall and I used some plastic zip ties to attach the clothespins to the rack. Gloves and hats can be either clipped on or slipped over the top loops.

OK, I realize this is a pretty boring post, but sometimes you can't resist sharing a solution to a peeve.


Laurie said...

How practical! It will certainly help avoid lost gloves. I must have 10 singles....all looking for their match.

Marie said...

love it! i've opted to only purchasing black gloves and then they have the illusion of matching!

Becky said...

Great solution!

I need to find a solution to our hat and mitten population too. With daycare kids in addition to my kids, we can have quite a pile of winter gear. This idea just might work.