Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Bit of Sunshine (Finally)

As I went out to do chores late yesterday I regretted that I hadn't spent the entire afternoon outside -- the sun was shining and there were long shadows on the snow.  At least I caught the last half hour of sunshine.  It's a scarce commodity these days.
Wovel, lying in wait for its next tour of duty.
The pasture, striped by tree shadows.
Nutmeg wants in through this gate.
Cocoa wants out through that gate.
The cows waiting  for supper. The barn looks so naked now without the huge old silver maple tree at the corner.
Aren't you going to put that camera away and feed us? This thing is empty!

The cows used to stretch their necks up to pull out bits of hay to munch. Now the snow, hay and frozen manure have built up so much around the feeder the cows must reach down to browse.  I'm eagerly awaiting a January thaw in order to shovel it out.


Catherine said...

Wovel? I love this. Where do you get a wovel?

Susan said...

Hi Catherine,
I ordered it online at I have several posts about my wovel experiences- See "Wovel" in the labels.
It isn't the answer for ALL the snow we get, but I really love it--it's fast and fun to use, causes people to do a double take when they drive by while I'm woveling, and truly saves on my back. The snowblower is better for making those long paths through deep snow to the chicken coop and barn, though.