Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chickens, Cows and a Rabbit

The past couple of days have have been overcast and pretty mild, so some of the chickens have been venturing out into the snow. This morning, some of Lacey's kids  tentatively exited the coop. These are the chicks that Lacey secretly hatched out at the end of October, much to my dismay. Nine of the ten survived and are growing into the craziest-looking chickens.
Lacey, in the bottom right corner, with a few of her offspring.  No two chicks look the same, and they seem to have gotten the wackiest possible combinations of their parents' traits.
As I was filling the cows' watering tank, I noticed a rabbit nestled next to the barn.  Nutmeg was on his trail, sniffing closer, but still oblivious to the rabbit only a few feet away, so I quickly called her out through the gate. The rabbit stayed motionless while I got my camera.
I think this is the rabbit that lives in the loafing shed and leads the dogs on so many merry chases.  He is often  around during chore time.
When I got too close he leaped across the snow, scurried under the fence and hopped off on a path through the woods. The dogs are still off tracking him now, an hour later.


gz said...

I'm not envious of your snow-although some say we'll have some more here next month.
Sitting down now to do some chicken shaped knobs...I should do a rabbit or hare too as the Year of the Rabbit is about to begin!

Susan said...

Actually, I really like snow. If we have to have winter, bring on the snow--it makes the gray days much brighter. We have had our share already this year -I do have spring fever now. Only 49 days, according to the countdown.
Knobs, as in drawer pulls?

Toodie said...

Interesting chicks Lucy hatched. They are pretty. Enjoyed your photos. Have a wonderful day.

Vic said...

My wife and I really enjoy your posts and photos, Susan. You've done a great job with the blog!

Susan said...

Thanks, Toodie and VIc!