Saturday, January 22, 2011

Murder After Murder

Nutmeg and Cocoa spend hours a day on the trail of rabbits.  Usually, we see a rabbit run by along the edge of the woods, followed a few minutes later by the dogs  hot on its trail, and a few minutes after that, the saucy rabbit has circled back, successfully eluding them.

Yesterday, one of the dogs had a rare hunting success and killed a young rabbit.  I hate that, but I admit that the garden will fare better with some rabbit population control.

This morning a bunch of crows were in the yard, feasting on the frozen rabbit remains.  A group of crows is called a "murder of crows."


katiegirl said...

Ooh, a murder of crows? Spooky!

Verde Farm said...

Out blog hopping today and found you through Katiegirl. We have a similar story and are so blessed to have our small farm. Glad I found you. Come visit if you get a chance :)
Amy at Verde Farm