Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creme Brulee' Brouhaha

It was a  brisk, but sunny winter day. Rog worked on the two big downed trees with the chainsaw. Cocoa rolled around in the snow happily, apparently working up an appetite.

Tonight for dinner I roasted a chicken on a bed of rice with herbs and corn. I also made creme brulee'  - a simple but decadent dessert I have been looking forward to all week. The Joy of Cooking recipe calls for  2 cups of  heavy cream (organic), and 4  eggs (from our own chickens). You heat the cream in a double boiler, add the beaten eggs, and stir over heat until it coats a spoon, then pour into ramekins and cool. I placed the 6 ramekins in a cake box, covered loosely with a lid and set out on the back step to cool (I love that winter gives us extra refrigeration).
After supper when I opened the door to get the creme brulees, I was dismayed to discover 5 of the 6 dishes were empty!  Not realizing I was cooling our dessert on the steps, Rog had let Cocoa out, and she had scarfed them down!  I guess she could only eat 5; they are extremely rich.
I spread a layer of brown sugar on top of the one remaining ramekin and caramelized with a torch.  We shared it and it was delicious.

Cocoa is still outside in the snow in the dark--looking very guilty.  And very well-fed.


Joanna said...

Oh that was a surprise. Too bad she didn't leave you one each. I do love creme brulee.

Our dog Geordie would have done the same thing I think. Just before Christmas he got into a box of chocolates I had purchased for a gift. He ate about half of them and then gave up. Too rich I guess. I was worried he'd get sick but it seemed to have no effect.
Isn't it funny how dogs can look so guilty?

Becky said...

Oh no!! She ate well, didn't she?

Our family dog when I was a kid had an eating problem. She ate EVERYTHING. My mom once put a pan of hot stuffing on the back table to cool. Tippy had quite a good dinner that night.

katiegirl said...

Oh no!! Lucky dog!

And yeah, I remember the stuffing incident Becky mentioned. Mom was NOT happy. LOL

Susan said...

I was expecting the worst, but the creme brulee binge did not have any ill effects. A few years ago, Cocoa got very sick, panting, agitated, vomiting blackish stuff. We thought she had devoured a chicken carcass and maybe had a bone stuck. We made a costly emergency room trip to the vet in the middle of the night. She may have also eaten the chicken bones, but it turned out that what made her so sick was sneaking an entire bag of dark chocolate chips. Oh, Cocoa.