Monday, January 24, 2011

My Art Is Going to the Dogs These Days

In December, I ended my part-time job in order to focus on making art and  farming.  It was a tough decision to leave a wonderfully flexible job with great people and a noble mission--for the unknown.  After all, I do need to make an income to support my farming habit!

Amazingly, no sooner did I give  my notice than I got requests to create a bunch of paintings! Currently, I am working on a set of large, whimsical dog portraits for a senior care facility. The nine dogs (plus one parrot) are the nursing home's therapy dogs.
This is Juda, the beagle.
Dickens is a little fuzz-ball shi tzu pomeranian. (I am more of a big  dog person - not very good with little dog breeds.) It was tricky to capture his canine-ness; he looks a bit like my big fluffy cat Orange.
Bea is the most adorable  dachshund puppy.

Six more pooches to go.  This is so much fun! By the time I complete all nine, I may be the official dog-portrait artist of my community!


katiegirl said...

They're great! Good job!

Becky said...

Love them!! I really love your painting style. I'm sure the residents will enjoy them. :)

anna and eric said...

I love the beagle! It reminds me of our dog, Olive.

Leslie Lyne Zantow said...

That's wonderful news Susan. Your paintings will brighten up the residents lives.