Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Farm Critters as Quilts

My friend Enid is an avid and awesome quilter, and I have been tickled that she has immortalized some of our Squash Blossom Farm  animals  in her quilts. 

Last spring she created a wall quilt featuring my dear Dexter cow Lariat. 
Another of her farm quilts stars one of my first hens, Hawk.  This small quilt incorporates the techniques of glue fusing, glue resist, sticker resist and painting, machine applique, machine quilting using batiks, hand-dyed cottons and silk fabrics.
(Enid has written  a book on these quilting techniques!)

But now Enid is tackling the most most ambitious farm quilt project yet: a life-sized appliqued quilt  of LaFonda, our Jersey mix milk cow.  The quilt measures 6 feet tall!  If you click to enlarge the photo of the quilt top in progress, you can see the many prints  making up the cow's spots.  

Enid explained she is now bleaching various red fabrics to "age" them and use as the boards she will construct as a barn background  behind LaFonda.  It promises to be will be very graphic - and stunning! Enid's goal is to complete the quilt by April first and enter it in the International Quilt competition.  
Here is the photo of LaFonda that inspired Enid's large quilt. Little does LaFonda know, she might become an international quilting sensation!

I will post a photo of the completed  quilt when Enid is done. I cannot wait to see it!


Becky said...

Unbelieveable!!! Her work is amazing. Can you please post a picture of the finished LaFonda quilt. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

katiegirl said...

Wow, amazing work! How cool to have a quilt of your animals!

Jessica said...

A worthy subject - LaFonda is beautiful!