Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deal of the Week!

For the high tunnel greenhouse we are erecting next weekend we need plastic lumber, to secure the hoops at the base. Treated lumber would work but is not allowed for organic growing.  We have been steeling ourselves for this expense and  fruitlessly checking Craigslist in case somebody has some to sell.

Last night, when Rog stopped at Menards he wandered out into the "deal" area of the yard on the off chance there was some plastic lumber. Fortuitously, there was an entire plastic lumber deck somebody had returned!  Rog was told he could have it for $100, but he had to take the whole thing.

He drove home with the load of small pieces - mostly railings and steps, then returned with a saw to cut the 20-foot lengths in half, but the Menards guys persuaded him to leave them whole. A nice thing about plastic lumber --it is flexible enough to sort of drape over the truck.

A short time later I got a call for assistance. While driving along the frontage road, the slippery boards had slid sideways off the truck (a police car was following behind, but the officer didn't give Rog a ticket for  the crazy load.)  I came to the rescue with a roll of stretchy plastic wrapping film, we  re-stacked and secured the load and made it home on the back roads without incident.

For $100 we got 20 20-foot boards, 20 10-foot boards, and lots of shorter pieces, plus the railings and steps which may be very useful for the future pond!

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Becky said...

What a great find!!!