Monday, August 22, 2011

Pizza and Pickles

Nearly every Sunday evening, after the band plays during the afternoon, we have wood-fired pizza potluck for the band members. Everyone brings  a favorite topping or two and assembles their dream pizza. This week, the families of Blue Monk joined us, including the keyboardist's children, Max and Katrina.  They seemed to really enjoy the farm (even the  huge garden spider in the tomato patch)  and the pizza.
Max and Katrina's family contributed ingredients for a dessert pizza, perhaps our craziest concoction yet. The crust was spread with Nutella, sprinkled with macadamia nuts and covered with miniature marshmallows.  The result was sort of a gourmet S'more pizza -- absolutely yummy!
We had many fabulous and creative pizza options last night - including one featuring Dawn's homemade feta cheese (made from her goats' milk) and artichokes, one with roasted eggplant, and a very simple, delicious pizza with just homemade mozzarella, slices of a gigantic garden tomato, and fresh basil.
Yesterday it was Pizza, today it is pickles. Our neighbor Frank brought us several bushels of cucumbers for making pickles. They are especially nice for handling--smooth, with none of those sharp little prickles that have to be removed.
Brendan was eager to expand upon his new pickle-making expertise and dove right in,  making several varieties of canned and fermented pickles. Our kitchen is a regular pickle factory tonight.
Brendan was in tears from cutting so many onions until he  donned his safety goggles!

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Allison at Novice Life said...

Those pizza's look wonderful! I shouldn't be reading at lunch time!