Monday, August 8, 2011

Pizza Party

It is becoming a tradition on Sunday evenings after the music ends and the store closes to have a pizza gathering with the band and a few friends. The pizza oven is still surprisingly warm from our market baking on Friday - so we stoke up the fire a bit for pizzas.
Everyone brings  a few pizza toppings and participates in assembling their dream pizza.
Audrey's yummy veggie-chicken  pizza in progress.
Julie shows off the pizza she and her husband Chino made
and Chino gives it a thumbs up.
Julio's squash blossom pizza.
Jen demonstrates her pizza-tossing skill. Sorry, I forgot  I can't turn my camera sideways for video, but it looks even more impressive this direction.
More pizza-making
and baking
and devouring.

Only the classiest entertainment at our pizza parties--Brendan was finally persuaded by the crowd to bring out his bassoon - he is really good. I promise to upload more than this little teaser bassoon clip in the future.


Becky said...

What a great way to spend an evening. You guys really know how to enjoy life. :) The pizza looks great!

katiegirl said...

That pizza has my mouth watering! And every time I hear a bassoon I am reminded of the Peter and the Wolf music (our band played it in high school). I think the bassoon represented Grandpa.

CrazyChicken said...

Seeing those pizzas is making my mouth water!
Just wanted to let you know, I have 4 Jersey Giant chicks out here if you want them. They are all black ones and are about a week old, maybe 10 days. I have been at our fair all week, so my brain is a little fuzzy ;)
Give me a call if you want them, okay?