Monday, August 15, 2011


Last week, I went up north to Bemidji so I could be there when my dad had a heart procedure (which went well, happily.)   I had a fun time afterwards with my mom, too, visiting thrift stores and antique shops and acquiring a few great finds for the Squash Blossom Farm store.

Before leaving, I invited my nephews, Lee and Tyler, to drive back with me and spend a few days at our farm. These nephews are the sons of my little brother Lyle ("little"because he is 15 years younger than I am; he is also about 6'6" tall.)  I was tickled when Lyle and Teryl agreed to let me take the boys.
We made time for adventures on the way --first stopping to check out that other Paul Bunyan in Akeley (the REAL Paul Bunyan is, of course, in Bemidji.)
We also stopped to explore the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul.
The Rotunda was impressive!
Perhaps Lee's future office?
We got home just in time to pick up Brendan and get to to the Thursday street market to hear Rog's band, Blue Monk, perform.
After the concert and some supper, it was a pretty late night. The boys helped Rog and Brendan weigh and form the loaves of sourdough bread for the Farmers Market.
On Friday, they  explored the cool fossils, dinosaur skeletons, turtles and snakes at Quarry Hill Nature Center while I had a meeting there, then helped Brendan with baking bread, feeding  poultry, gathering eggs and other chores.
Rog got home from work early to  help with the bread.  So many boys on the farm -  so much fun.
Lee and Tyler filled in for Bethany (she is on vacation with her family) at the Farmers Market Saturday morning.
Hangin' with the cows.
My brother Lyle and sis-in-law Teryl arrived Saturday and spent the weekend with us. It was too short and sweet a visit! Hope we can do it again next summer!


gz said...

Looks like you had a good time!

Interesting seeing the state capitol- I remember hearing it mentioned by Garrison Kiellor once in "Lake Woebegone Days"

Becky said...

Looks like a great week with family! Such a great experience for your nephews and I'm sure you loved spending that time with them. :)

Cheri said...

a week at the farm that they will never forget! way to go having the boys there!