Monday, August 15, 2011

Intern-al Memo

We are so lucky to have had the most  awesome interns ever this summer!  In addition to our summer-long interns , Brendan and Bethany, we were blessed with a bonus intern, Jen, for a week.
Jen dived in enthusiastically during her week here. Come back any time, Jen!
Bethany is on an epic vacation trip with her family for two weeks.  But she worked in the garden up until the very moment she left!
She was wearing her trusty gardening jeans, which are worn through in many places from hard work.  She has patched them and embroidered each patch with garden motifs.
For the next week and a half, Brendan is the lone intern, handling many of the daily chores (like milking) as well as the baking for the Farmers Market solo.

LaFonda has gone from giving us 4 gallons of milk a day two months ago to  under half a gallon as her calf has grown huge and is consuming all she produces. The past few days she has given us less than a cup!  Whether a cup or 4 gallons, it is still the same amount of work to  milk her and clean up the equipment...
so, last night Brendan and Rog  installed a gate across the opening of the loafing shed and Brendan and I  moved Lindy into the shed, separating him from his mom for the night.

They must have suffered separation anxiety- this morning  we discovered they had broken down the gate  and were reunited. We did score  a quart and a half of milk today, however.
That Lindy Hop - he is so darn cute, you can't begrudge him his milk.

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katiegirl said...

That's too funny! They really needed to be with each other, apparently. The calves have grown! And Lindy is as handsome as ever!