Friday, January 30, 2009

Bring Your Own House

Whoever said living out in the country is quiet and uneventful? Yesterday we glanced out the dining room window and noticed a house(!) and its entourage inching our way along the highway.
When it arrived at our intersection, it turned down our narrow gravel road. This manuever took amazing skill. I was sure the stop sign was history--but the driver adroitly avoided it.
Nevertheless, the corner of the roof scraped on the telephone pole and the wheels of the trailer were dangerously close to the edge of the ditch. I could hear cursing from my vantage point quite a way up the road.
Once around the corner, the house continued to glide down the road, past my driveway. The snowmen watched curiously.

I thought we had a new neighbor moving in, but apparently the house had another 15 miles to go before settling in.


greenwalks said...

Uh, I think that gives new meaning to the term "wide load." That poor driver! I was cursing just looking at that turn!

buedamau said...

it's just like watching some american movie, it's great! around here I will not see something like that for sure ;p