Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inside Looking Out

I apologize for posting so many sunrise photos, but our farmhouse has a sweeping view of the east and when I wake up to these glorious sunrises, my heart sings.
It was a brisk -18 degrees F this morning, with supposedly -35 degrees wind chill. Rog and I did bundle up and go out to wovel the driveway this morning, but I wimped out and took photos through the windows. A vase of pampas grass glowed on the kitchen window sill.
Morning is just beginning to creep into the farmyard, but looking out the south-facing kitchen window we can admire our woveling job on the driveway. A large icicle hangs from some twinkly Christmas lights I haven't taken down yet.
In the dining room, frost layered another landscape over the view.
A xmas ornament hanging in the upstairs bathroom window creates a blue sunrise.


Anonymous said...

Brrr, that's too cold for me! What's a wovel?

Susan said...

A "Wovel" is a shovel on a wheel--looks kind of like some sort of vintage farm tool and saves your back. I LOVE the Wovel. To see a photo of our wovel in action, scroll down through the labels to "Wovel" and check out the November 12th post.