Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow as Canvas

Although you tend to think of snow as a field of white, on a sunny day shadows from the trees and buildings create wonderful abstract art on the surface. Here is the view of the yard from upstairs this morning. It looks especially pristine because it has been so cold the dogs haven't stayed outside long enough to romp through it.
Winter weeds scribble exuberant shadows on the snow.
A closer-up perspective of snow shadows--teeny snowballs at the edge of the gravel road, tossed up when the snowplow went by.

1 comment:

Susan Tomlinson said...

Very nice photos! I especially like the one of the teeny snowballs.

We aren't having any snow here, so I love seeing this. It is indeed a lovely thing to see, though I guess it might be easy to get tired of it after awhile, too...