Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snow Snakes?

We came across some curious snow phenomena during our walk through the woods this afternoon. Somebody had created artistic drawings in the snow.
There weren't any tracks visible to give away the identity of the designer. Perhaps the tracks were hidden beneath a thin layer of fresh snow? Maybe some critter a had tunneled beneath the snow and the tunnel had collapsed, revealing the path? Any naturalists out there, can you enlighten us?
Nearby was evidence of another deer slumber party last night.


Linda Lunda said...

The first snowtrax/snow snake-markes are made by a mice!

greenwalks said...

Hm, interesting mystery! I was thinking a tail with tracks covered up too, but am no naturalist. If you find out, please post!

Pusepilde said...

It must be mice :)

Godt nyttår!
Hilsen Hilde

Susan said...

I thought they must be mouse trails- but was puzzled not to see any pawprints. Maybe the prints got filled in with snow when their fat bellies dragged over them.