Thursday, January 1, 2009

Windows of Opportunity

Cadence has decided not to return to Bogota next week, but to stay here and help us launch this farm this spring. She has a crazy idea--to turn the granary into a guest house and live in it. It is an ambitious plan, to say the least, but we have learned that anything Cadence puts her mind to, she can usually accomplish! She and Rog have been examining the building and brainstorming the possibilities (on a shoestring budget.)
The granary is currently full of scrap lumber and building materials. This week Cadence and Rog have been cleaning out the granary and moving the contents to the loafing shed for storage.
Cadence discovered that the Reuse Center in Minneapolis (a wonderful place that sells salvaged building materials) was giving away windows yesterday to reduce their inventory. We drove up to see if they had anything we could use and regretted not bringing our little trailer; we could only fit two windows for the granary in our little car, and had to pass up a nice large window and some very cool windows for the barn. But I was delighted to obtain three narrow windows perfect for building cold frames!


greenwalks said...

Very cool about the re-use place and the awesome window scores! Hope the granary revamp goes well. Wish I had that house projects gene!

Askvik said...

Hi Rog and Susan!

Do you remember the crazy Norwegians who visited you in Rochester summer of 1999?

It looks like you have found your Paradice on this beautiful farm.

It was nice to hear Rog's songs again, and specially Goodnight Train braught back some good memories.

We wish you all the best for 2009, and hope to hear from you.

Best regards

Markus, Daniel, Elin and Tor Slettebakken