Monday, January 5, 2009

Granary Guesthouse Project

Our younger daughter Cadence who came home from Bogota for the holidays has decided to stay at the farm through summer and help us get everything going (Wonderful! She has experience working at Featherstone Farm.) She also has an ambitious plan to turn the granary into a rustic guesthouse and live in it. We gave her the go-ahead -- we've learned to generally step back and let Cadence accomplish her crazy dreams --and for the past week she has been tackling the clean-out phase.

The granary was jam-packed with scraps of lumber, building materials, fencing, electronics waste,and evidence of having been inhabited by raccoons and stray cats. Cadence and Rog hauled out the salvageable materials in the trusty trailer, and organized and stored them in the barn and loafing shed. On Saturday we made a couple trips to the dump and recycling center - where Cadence also rescued a nice kitchen sink for her cabin.
Today while we were at work Cadence single-handedly tore out the interior walls of the granary. Now it's all swept out (I accomplished that job) and the space inspires many fun renovation ideas... Here, Cadence admires her hard work.


greenwalks said...

Wow, a gal who gets things done. That was pretty quick! I would be up for sweeping duty but am not much of a carpenter, or an ideas person when it comes to renovation. Brave souls, to do all this in the middle of winter in a cold climate1

Askvik said...

Hi Rog and Susan!

Do you remember the crazy Norwegians who visited you in Rochester summer of 1999?

It looks like you have found your Paradice on this beautiful farm.

It was nice to hear Rog's songs again, and specially Goodnight Train braught back some good memories.

We wish you all the best for 2009, and hope to hear from you.

Best regards

Markus, Daniel, Elin and Tor Slettebakken