Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny and Cold

It seems like so far this year our days have been the extremes: brillant sun with frigid cold (20 below zero with a -40 windchill) or seasonably warm(30 degrees above zero) but flatly gray. Friday was one of the brisk, sunny days. In the morning, our old geezer cat, Kittywampuss, found a warm spot of sun in the corner in which to bask. Or else he was just confused --impossible to know for sure.

The windmill made a cool spinning shadow on the roof in the afternoon.
A crystal ball on my office windowledge gives me an inverted fisheye view of the yard.


nancybond said...

Kittywampuss looks like he was a bad boy and was sent to the naughty corner. :)

greenwalks said...

That kitty photo made me laugh! I was like a cat yesterday, following the shards of sun around my house, at the park, etc. Cold but it was so nice to have sun on my face! Your cat is right to seek it, there's nothing so comforting.