Friday, March 13, 2009

Arizona Interlude

We may have escaped the last clutches of Minnesota winter by flying to Arizona last weekend. Rog was speaking at a conference in Phoenix, so we took the opportunity to also visit my sister and her family in Tucson for a couple of days. It was quite an adventure getting there, complete with our car breaking down as we entered the Minneapolis airport parking ramp, with scarcely a moment to spare, running to catch our plane.
When we left home it was a balmy 5o degrees, but the next day a snowstorm hit Minnesota, so we were happy to be in the sunny desert -- with our capable daughters home taking care of the dogs and chickens and any shoveling.
We had fun with Bunny and Dave and their kids, dined at some amazing restaurants, and managed to fit in a couple of hikes- in Sabino Canyon in Tucson and up Camelback mountain in Phoenix.
Wednesday night we arrived in Minneapolis in our totally inadequate, lightweight spring jackets to 5 below zero temps and a bitter wind. And a broken car. But the trusty AAA truck arrived promptly and towed us all the way back to Rochester.
It's good to be home again, now that the fickle weather has decided to be a bit more spring-like.


Tatyana said...

Susan, I enjoyed looking at your pictures! Cacti are so... how to say? textured! It's very well seen on the enlarged pictures. And there is something mystical in them, especially when they stand in raws like soldiers. I heard that they start growing "hands"only when they 100 years old. I'm wondering if it's true. We visit Arizona from time to time, but I've never been to Tucson. Thanks for the post!

Susan said...

I agree, the saguaros are amazing and kind of myterious. According to the folks at Saguaro National Park (which is in Tucson)saguaro cacti grow their first arm at 65-70years old. Here is a link to their site for photos and more details: