Saturday, March 28, 2009

Greenhouse-Stage 1

My patience waiting for the little walk-in greenhouse at Menard's to go on sale paid off--last week it was on sale for $109 ($30 off.)

It's small (5 x 7) and kind of flimsy, but rather clever. Everything fits together with no tools and the shelves add strength to the structure. There is a plastic cover with a zip-open doorway that slips over the structure to create the greenhouse effect.

It's still too cold to put plants outside here, but I needed a place to put seedlings under lights. So, I set the greenhouse frame up in the basement and suspended lights from the shelves where I will grow the seedlings until it's warm enough to move the works outside. So far, only my gourds are up and under the lights, but I am ready now for those tomatoes and peppers...

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Marie said...

go girl....plant plant plant!!!