Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our First Eggs!

When I was giving the chickens fresh water this morning, I discovered two eggs nestled between the haybale and the wall! I have been looking for eggs in the nesting boxes every morning, but apparently the boxes are not inviting enough.

I was warned that the first eggs are usually small and funny-shaped, so I was surprised how big and perfect these were. Here are the eggs, with a teaspoon for scale

We think Hawk may be responsible. I checked her vent, and, based on my inexpertise, it looked like she could be laying. Hawk is the largest, most mature-acting hen.

Louise Nevelson, the Blue Wyandotte, could also be the mom. (Louise is on the left, next to Picasso the rooster.) Yesterday Sara noticed Louise sitting between the hay-bale and the wall, where I found the eggs, unwilling to budge. Perhaps Louise and Hawk each laid one.
Picasso, of course, took all the credit, crowing up a storm. Roosters look so funny when they stretch their necks out to crow!


RainGardener said...

Wow your first eggs. How exciting. The pictures are wonderful too. We got fresh eggs at a local egg farm for years and they were wonderful. But when they retired none of the kids wanted the business so they are gone now. The town I live in now boasts the largest egg in the world. ;-)

nancybond said...

How very exciting for you! Almost Easter eggs! I'm sure they'll be delicious. :)