Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reassuring Signs

It's only 36 degrees, it's drizzly gray, and earlier this afternoon there was even a spattering of snow. Spring sure comes in fits and starts. I just went out with my camera to look for some clear signs of spring. The most obvious one can't be seen in a photograph: It is the melodious chorus of at least a hundred red winged blackbirds trilling in the tall trees surrounding our yard. I don't know why they choose to flock in this yard - maybe because it is set upon the highest hill for miles?

The tulips have emerged a bit further from the soil, but aren't very photogenic yet. Actually, neither is this--a rhubarb sprout! - but I was so happy to see it I had to take its photo anyway. This rhubarb plant originated in my Grandma J.'s garden about 20 years ago and I have divided and moved part of it with me to our old house in Dakota, to our city house in Rochester, and now to the farm. I am overjoyed it survived the move and the winter.

I saved the best news for last--here's one of my wintersowing ziplock bags, with a hollyhock sprouted in it! The hollyhocks are the only ones large enough yet to show up in a photo, but the icelandic poppies and blue flax have also sprouted! How cool is that?!


RainGardener said...

WoW! A hollyhock - I need to look that up - wintersowing. Someone told me I would like that better than trying seeds the way I have been. I'm heading there to google it now.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

You seedling looks great! I started 2 kinds of Hollyhock this last Jan. and they did really well- of course I haven't put them in the garden yet either! Happy spring to you- never fear it's coming :)