Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out of My Gourd

This afternon I went nuts planting six varieties of decorative gourds in flats: Dipper, Martin House, Banana, Bushel, Snake and Swan gourds.

I intend for them to clambor up the fence that surrounds the perimeter of our large yard. I hope to get lots of amusing gourd shapes to dry and use as a sculptural substrate.

Last week, I spent one morning exploring the Arts District of Phoenix, AZ, and happened upon an artist abode with delightful concrete sculptures in the front yard. The artist, Gary Parsel, was watering the plants in his sculpture garden so I stopped. It turned out he is also a painter AND creates whimsical animals from gourds - bison, fish, birds, dogs. I was totally smitten by a large gourd fish he had created, but it was out of my price range and too fragile to take on the plane. Instead, I bought this smaller quail.

I am so inspired! Too bad it will take nearly a year before my future gourds are dry and ready to work with.


greenwalks said...

OK, I am totally jealous. If I had room, I would plant gourds too, although I'm not sure it gets hot enough here for them. I can't wait to see what they turn out like! Neat-o quail, I love it. - Karen

Susan said...

Hi Karen,
I bet you would have room somewhere to allow a couple of gourd plants to climb up a support. I have a few seeds leftover that didn't fit in my flats--if you like I will mail them to you!