Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bee Boxes

What service! Wednesday afternoon I ordered a starter beekeeping kit (even includes the helmut, veil, and smoker) from B and B Honey Farms and Thursday noon the bee boxes arrived.

I was a bit worried when I opened the carton and saw all the wooden parts to be assembled. But there were good diagrams and all the wood was already cut and measured. All I had to do was glue and hammer things together - precisely my level of carpentry skills. While I was constructing them, a honey bee appeared and sat on one of the boxes. I didn't even realize honey bees were out yet - that has to be a good omen!
A couple hours later I had finished bee boxes. I painted them Squash Blosssom yellow instead of the usual, boring white. I still have to get a bee suit, but I am almost ready for the bees --they will arrive in 2 weeks! A beekeeper friend agreed to let me shadow her while she tends her bees, so I hope to have some inkling of what I am doing by then.

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javier suarez said...

guau...que cantidad de buenas noticias..ya quiero estar felicitaciones....