Monday, April 13, 2009

Tense in Tents

When we bought this house it came with a bonus amenity--a canopied tent on the patio that makes for a great, sheltered, outdoor eating spot. We took the canvas off for the winter, but Easter was such a beautiful sunny day we decided it was a good time to put it back up.

It took three people to finesse the canopy operation (Rog, Sara and Cadence), not counting the photographer (me). Sara completed the trickiest part, attaching the center, which she had to do from atop a ladder. We finally got it set up and it looked perfect.

But today was extremely windy and it turned out that all our good efforts were for naught. Looks like I will be tackling some mending.

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Liz said...

Alas, we had our own wind-demolished umbrella saga in Tucson the same weekend! Ours merely snapped at the pole so the canvas umbrella can be re-used when we get a new pole, but it is a coincidence that it happened the same weekend, but 2000 miles away! Must be a Waughtal the ankle-breaking.