Monday, April 13, 2009

Early Garden Update

Things are starting to grow!

The crocuses bloomed along the foundation of the house in time for Easter.

I succumbed to a pot of johny-jump-ups for the front step.

Gaillardia is one of my winter sowing experiments that seems to be a great success. Blue flax, hollyhocks and icelandic poppies also did well using this method, planting in ziplock bags and putting the bags out in the cold February winter..

I brought one rhubarb plant here from my previous house last fall and divided it into quarters--all four divisions made it! (This is the rhubarb my grandma gave me from her garden over 20 years ago and which has followed me to every house I have lived in since.)

Surprise! A large plot of daffodils is pushing up through a heavy layer of mulch in the beds I had tilled last fall, not realizing they were there. I may have to move them when they are done celebrating so I can plant my beans there.

A thick border of daylilies is coming up next to the chicken coop.
And that's just the beginning...

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