Friday, April 17, 2009

Jersey Calves

Yesterday, Cadence and I drove to the Drinkall Dairy Farm (appropriate last name for dairy farmers) to get 2 bull calves, one a week old and the other three weeks old. Cadence asked the farmer every question she could think of about raising Jersey steers.
The calves were small enough to transport in the back our our Vibe. I had purchased an old sleeping bag at the thrift store to protect the car and give a bit of comfort to the calves, but they mostly preferred to stand on the 45 mile drive home.
We stopped briefly at Fleet Farm for powdered calf milk and a few supplies. I ran inside and Cadence stayed with her babies. A family pulled up in the next parking spot and the children were excited to see baby calves in our car.
We arrived at our farm. So this will be our new home...
We were a bit worried about the older calf. He didn't want to eat and actually vomited. Cadence called the famer who was puzzled -he has never had a cow vomit before - and thought maybe he was carsick, but if he didn't seem better today to bring him back. This morning he seemed to feel considerably better. Both calves have been treated for scours- diarrhea related to stress and diet, so that is another thing we have to watch out for.
Sara gave them water with electrolytes to help them recover from the stress of moving.
Nutmeg met the new calves. She was amazingly calm and tender with them -and almost the same size. Cocoa , the panic attack dog, barked at them, so we made her stay away for now.
The calves seem to be settling comfortably into the stall in the barn, which is much more spacious than their old calf pens. They frisked around a bit. They are so darling!


Anonymous said...

Darling hardly describes them -- they really are adorable. I love jerseys -- their markings remind me of Siamese cats as they mature, and their milk is oh, so creamy and rich. Congrats on your two new babies. :)

Donna at Suburban Sanctum said...

Congratulations on thebeautiful new additions to your fast-growing "family"!

buedamau said...

são tão amistosas, merecem bem o transporte em primeira classe!!!

Cheri said...

I'm so jealous! They are SO adorable! Can I come see them?
Great article on the chickens by the way -- I've had several comments.

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