Friday, April 24, 2009

Udder Chaos

Wednesday was the first day that all of us had to be away at work at the same time. Sara was the last to leave at 10:30 and when she went out to her car she discovered that the cows were out of the pasture, exploring the front yard. She didn't know how they'd gotten out or how to round them up and she had to get to work. Fortunately, the perimeter of our yard is fenced, so she quickly barricaded the driveway and left.
When Cadence got home a couple hours later she was baffled to find the cows grazing on the lawn. She figured out that the cows had wandered into barn, found an unlatched gate, and explored their way out to freedom. The Jersey calf followed Cadence back into the stall easily enough, and then she herded the Dexter mom into the pasture. The Dexter calf was trickier - he's pretty wild still, and all the while his mom was bawling crabbily.
Finally, all cows was secure -whew! - and she went to feed and water the chicks. She opened the door of the shop to discover... chicks scurrying everywhere! They had jumped out of their swimming pools and escaped despite her safety net enclosure. It is much trickier to round up 108 loose chicks in a small room than 3 loose cows in a huge yard, we learned. Since the chicks are obviously too big to stay in the swimming pools any longer, Cadence transformed the stall in the barn where we had kept the Jersey calf into a chick pen. Reuben, the Jersey, is big and strong enough to stay outside now.
We've only had cows one week and chicks two weeks, and already everybody has escaped. Some farmers we are!


mo'ikeha said...

How impressive, at the same time also relieving to see that it is still possible to see people do the 'right thing' - as I did nearly the opposite, moving from a small village to a capital city with over 5million people... felt very good to discover your site.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you had a successful roundup. :) I hope you're keeping all these little anecdotes in a journal (a blog will do, I'm sure) -- some day you'll have a book full.

Marie said...

ya, it happens, i locked up the roosters tonight -- missing two but was trying to beat the rain.....hope they're holed up in a shed somewhere -- buggers don't like to be penned up!!!! have fun....

Matthew said...

Good morning. I stumbled across your blog and love it. When I found your blog I was searching the net in pursuit of ideas to build my wife a chicken coop/potting shed.

I have found just the structure here on your farm. Your favorite structure is my favorite structure; the chicken coop/potting shed.

I would love a favor. I need to scale the barn down to fit on my property here in Maine and to do so I'd love to get the basic dimensions of your barn. My email is

Thanks. Matthew

P.S. I was born and lived in Wadena, MN starting in 1971.

DreamRiver Farm said...

lol, Yes, you truly are becoming farmers, everyone gets to round up animals at some point.