Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last Market of Summer!

I have been feeling bittersweet, realizing that August is ending, school is starting, and it will be Fall next week. I know it is not offically Fall until the fall equinox, but to me school marks the beginning of autumn, and the weather has sure felt autumnal. We haven't had any sultry summer weather (yet)! I feel a bit cheated. But it has been a wonderful summer, and I won't complain (well maybe I will if my bumper crop of tomatoes never does ripen because it's so darn cold.) Although the Farmers Market goes year 'round, I'd call this the last market of summer.

At the market this morning, a darling young customer proudly showed his huge green pepper to me.

We all underdressed for the weather today - we were shivering in the brisk wind. It was a great day for selling baked goods, though, and we sold out of most eveything pretty quickly. People seem hungrier for bread and pastries when it's not hot and humid.
One of the wonderful things about the Farmers market is the live music. Today Rog played a set with members of Fiddlers and Company.

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katiegirl said...

I'm so jealous of your weather! It's been so hot and humid here on the east coast. I've been telling my husband that I'm so ready for fall and cooler weather!

And your tomatoes....have you tried putting one or two on a window sill and letting them ripen that way? I wonder if they'd taste as good as vine ripened. Or you could just find a good recipe for fried green tomatoes. ;-)