Saturday, August 29, 2009

Turkey Freedom

The turkeys are loose! Cadence decided it was time to let them out of their pen, hoping they had been there long enough to know it was a safe place to return to at night, somewhat protected from the great horned owls who have been eating our chickens, and the source of food and water. First, they explored the fenced pasture sticking together as a flock.
They happily chowed down on the lush burdock in the corner where I can't manuever the mower. Good turkeys. It is amazing how fast they have grown! We got them as day-old chicks on June 28th ---they are only 8 weeks old. Even more surprising to me is their sweet and curious nature. They prefer to be around people. And they make many lovely sounds that are not "gobbling," although they are learning to gobble a bit now, too.
They have already expanded their explorations beyond the pasture and been an object of curiosity to the other animals.


katiegirl said...

Good luck with your turkeys! Next year I'll try something different with mine. I'm not sure what exactly yet though.

katiegirl said...

I just talked to a friend who raises layers and broilers and he said you can buy a product called Fish Zole at pet stores to treat Blackhead. If you notice any signs of sickness (lethargy, holding head close to body) I'd try it!