Monday, August 17, 2009

The Pig Picture Post

I know I don't have proportionally as many photos of our pigs as I do of the other farm animals. This evening I went out specifically to take pig picture to rectify that and it became clear that the reason I don't have many pig pictures posted is that pigs in pictures are problematic.
Our two pigs have a small penned area next to their pig barn that opens out to a huge fenced area in the woods. The "fence" is just three strands of electrified nylon wire that the pigs could easily clamber over, but they respect it--they don't want to risk a little zing to the snout.
Tonight when I went to see the pigs they began tearing around the woods like maniacs. Until I got there, they had been lazily lying in the mud. Were they overjoyed to see me? Just showing off?
Usually, as soon as I go out to the pigs they begin wrestling around with each other obnoxiously--butting each other's heads and shoving each other around. The image I can capture im my viewfinder is generally of the top of their their heads or of their butts.
My best option is usually the sterotypical shot of the pig wallowing in the mud.
Frequently one or both of the pigs will flop down on the ground to rest and then they look...dead. I suspect if I find the image of a pig relaxing disturbing, I must be watching way too many factory farming documentaries.
My next strategy will be to photograph the pigs with Sara, who finds them mesmerizing. I am hoping to see the beauty in pigs that she sees.


Becky said...

I love their "pen". They have so much space to run around and explore. What a great way to raise animals.

Anonymous said...

It really is a great way to raise animals -- they look healthy and content. :)