Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Frosty, Foggy Morn

Once again this morning, everything is frosted. Today the frost is more fuzzy, not spiky and crystalline as it was yesterday.
Trees along the road on the next knoll to the east.
Yesterday afternoon the cows plowed their way through the deep snow all the way to the far east end of the pasture. They haven't been in this part of the pasture since October, so they must have been in an adventurous mood.
They hung out for a bit on top of the hill where the snowcover is thin, then complained before plowing their way back to the loafing shed - they really do not like wading through such deep snow.


Marie said...

i was told we have it here too -- but it's clear down in the valley ! gorgeous pixs


Anonymous said...

The frost is so beautiful. It looks like it's been sprayed on. Lovely photos!

Lola said...

Susan, your farm looks absolutely lovely! I can't wait to visit some day.


Susan said...

Thank you, but the credit must go to Mother Nature.
Lola, I'd love for you to visit!