Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Big Thaw

We are in the midst of a January thaw -- very welcome after the long stretch of frigid cold we have just endured. With the melting snow, I smell delicious spring in the air, although I know it is still a few months away. Best of all, the daylight hours are getting noticeably longer - wahoo!

The snow is melting and sliding down the barn roof. If we are lucky, we will be able to catch the dramatic moment when it avalanches over the edge. I hope no critters are standing beneath when it goes.
There is a moon crater texture below the Norway pines, where snow on the branches has melted and dripped into a dappled pattern.

This morning I trudged through the pasture to check on my beehive. I was pleased to discover a few dozen dead bees scattered atop the snow. Bees take advantage of warm spells in the winter to clean out their hives and carry any dead bee bodies outside. I take this as an indication that the hive is still alive and healthy and behaving as it is supposed to.

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sara said...

Bees toss their dead out of the hive? Who knew!