Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Some of our animals have been causing trouble lately. Reuben, the Jersey steer, has decided he likes climbing up onto the compost pile (the bin is open on one side and the contents frozen) so he gets a high vantage point. I was worried he might be able to jump over and out of the pasture, so I barricaded it with some old wooden trellises-- which he transformed into kindling. Then, he began reaching over from his compost platform and pulling apart the roof of the loafing shed! Time for some serious barricades.
The other day I noticed Cocoa carefully carying a small tan ball and I called her over to play fetch with her--however, it turned out not to be a ball but an egg! That's how I discovered she has been serving up her own breakfast - fresh eggs from the chicken coop. Now we are making sure to close the coop door so she can't get in, hoping she forgets about this delicacy by spring.
Our foundling rooster, Knickerbocker, has seriously frostbitten his comb. He lives inside the coop with the other chickens but he is the only rooster suffering from significant frostbite, maybe because he is the only rooster who sported such an outrageously large, fancy comb. It has turned black and I am told that part will fall off and he will look more like a rose-combed rooster. He still acts like a dandy, though.
Ptarmigan, the Brahma rooster, is not really causing trouble, other than being his naturally bossy self. I just included his photo because he looks so cute in the snow. His feathered feet are like big snowshoes.


Lucy Corrander said...

They are causing trouble aren't they? But in a very character-ful way. It's like reading a children's story.

Knickerbocker seems to be carrying his damaged comb without damaged dignity. Isn't he beautiful?


Ribbit said...

What lovable hellions! It's hard to be mad when you see that tongue reaching for all its might or the pup being so gentle with that egg...although I'm sure he devoured it shortly thereafter, he looks so innocent there.

katiegirl said...

Ooh, naughty Reuben!

And my dog doesn't eat chicken eggs...he eats the other thing that comes out that end. Ew! We're trying so hard to break him of that habit.

Callie said...

I agree with Lucy. You could use these photos and put together a great children's book.

I'm always wondering if Morgan eats eggs the chickens lay in the woods. Maybe.

The snow makes everything look so lovely, but it does make things difficult.

mangocheeks said...

I would welcome that kind of trouble any day.

Susan said...

Hmmm, I like the idea of a children's book....
Yes, I can't really get mad - I am usually laughing too hard.
Mangocheeks- I just read your blog about the recent troublemakers you have had to deal with --so sorry. I hope you find a lovely little house with a great garden space.