Sunday, January 3, 2010

Once Upon a Blue Moon

Although we didn't get heavy snow that was promised over the holidays, we have had some rather cold temperatures with a brisk wind chill. In our younger days, that would not have deterred Rog and me from a little cross country skiing, but it doesn't sound quite so appealing now. We are still enjoying some outdoor fun, though-shoveling, woveling and snow blowing, hauling buckets of water and bales of hay and straw to the animals, and keeping the myriad birdfeeders full.
The cows have not ventured very far from the loafing shed where the snow is well trampled down. They don't seem to enjoy plowing through belly-deep crusty snow. I broke a trail through the drifted pasture myself for them, but they could not be persuaded to follow me, not even when I offered them cow cookies.
The geese and ducks usually venture out even on the coldest days. They have learned to stick to walking on the shoveled paths to avoid plunging through the icy crust of the deep snow. When that happens it is quite a trick to get out.
Flap to stay warm.
The cats entertain themselves inside the warm house, watching the activity at the birdfeeders through the window.
I had a Martha Stewart moment while holiday decorating and hung a few thrift store Christmas stockings to adorn the clothesline. They are a bright punch of color in a white landscape.
Rog donned his new face mask to snowblow the driveway.
A homely knitted mask is welcome because it seems like no matter where you direct the snow, it wants to blow back in your face.
We only got an inch or two of very wet, slushy snow on Christmas Eve followed by rain. We snowblew the sloppy stuff anyway so our driveway wouldn't become a big ice arena when the temperature dropped.
The year ended with a lovely blue moonrise.


Becky said...

I love the stockings on the clothesline! Martha would be proud :) Your farm looks so beautiful in the snow.

Barry said...

Love every bit of this post. Happy New Year.