Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet Hobart

A lot of guys might have preferred some high-tech gizmo or macho toy, but my sweetie was thrilled with his Christmas gift--a huge, homely Hobart 20-qt. industrial mixer. Well, I guess it IS kind of macho, for a kitchen appliance. It came from a Peruvian restaurant in the Twin Cities and has many years' experience making tamales. I ordered a dough hook from the local Hobart dealer, who also sold me a used table designed specifically for this model of mixer.
A couple nights ago, we hauled the mixer into the house from the barn (much easier said than done) so it could thaw out. Rog spent last night thoroughly cleaning it and this morning he rolled it into the kitchen to try it out on our first batch of sourdough bread of the year.

The mixer on its table takes up half of our kitchen floor space, so it will definitely not be a permanent kitchen fixture, but it operates surprisingly quietly. Using the mixer to knead the dough for 36 loaves of bread took half the time it used to take, with just one person kneading instead of two. I think we are going to grow very fond of Hobart. He could use a new paint job--maybe Squash Blossom Yellow?

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