Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cow Coolers

Yesterday was a record heat index for our region --with  the 95 degree temps and the incredible humidity, it felt like 118 degrees. Today is supposed to be even warmer - possibly  reaching a heat index of 120.  It only takes a few moments being outside before you are absolutely dripping in sweat. We people have been hunkering down inside with the comfort of our room air conditioner, but the cows and poultry are out there all day and night in the sweltering heat.

Last night all the cows, but especially LaFonda, looked totally bedraggled and miserable.  Even the nights haven't offered them much relief, cooling down only to about 85 degrees.  Last night I decided I needed to get another  big fan and direct it on the cows so at least they would have a breeze. The only place open by then was Walmart, so that's where I went.  They had lots of the inexpensive box fans I was looking for, but then I discovered an oscillating  stand fan with a mister, designed for use outdoors. A cold water mist from the hose combined with the breeze from the fan sounded the most cooling, and the outdoor fan seemed safer, so that's what I got. 

I set it up to blow through the gate next to the water tank. It is already muddy there and is a place where the cows often choose to stand to cool off.  They were a bit skittish about the fan, but were lured closer with a bit of hay, and soon discovered the refreshing mist. I believe they stood there in the cool spray and breeze all night.

This afternoon I moved the  fan to the  back yard in the shade. While Lariat and Jitterbug  munched in the spray, Lafonda cooled her tootsies in the kiddie pool.

Sorry, the photos are a bit foggy -- as soon as I step outside into the tropics, my camera instantly fogs up!


Dawn Sanborn said...

I know the poor horses are wilting! I may have to go get one of those fans. For myslef too!

Ladybug said...

The Heat Wave is taking it's toll
We in the Southwest(Arizona)have
this type of heat for three month
July and August are the worst, but
the Winters are great..
Hope you get some relief soon..
Take care...

The Luddite said...

misted & fanned at night, tootsies in the pool during the day - Lafonda sets the standard for bovine genius. (ummm...any chance she might share the pool?)

Lupus said...

I like your blog and your farm, I haven't seem the cow in your farm before, cows in my country 90% is Holstein :P
The area I live is much hotter, in summer temperature can be 98F.

Lupus said...
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