Sunday, July 3, 2011

Milking Time

This morning LaFonda must have slept in.  She wasn't  quite ready to be milked at her usual milking time; Lindy was still nursing.
When he is nestled up to his mom drinking, it is really apparent how much he has grown!  He drinks a lot - our share of LaFonda's milk has dropped from almost 4 gallons a day to just one gallon a day--he drinks the rest.  I'm not complaining--one gallon a day is much easier to deal with than  four.
Before  we took LaFonda in to be milked, Bethany did a little calf-whispering. She and Brendan are befriending the calves, working toward halter-training them. They have have been helping me with the milking the past week, learning the process.  This morning Bethany did the entire milking session herself, with me hovering over her, poor girl.  She did great!
While Bethany  bonded with the other cows, LaFonda dealt with a little itch. So that's why the trim on the barn is broken! 

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