Friday, July 15, 2011

A Rhapsody of Rhaspberries

We are currently blessed with an abundance of red and black raspberries!

Last night,  Brendan and Bethany made the loveliest, most delicious, magenta-colored soup:  RaspberryBorscht, from a recipe found in The New Vegetarian Epicure.  The raspberries, beets, and onion came from our garden, and each bowl was artfully dolloped with a bit of creme fraiche  (compliments of our  cow LaFonda) and a garden basil leaf.  So delicous!

To accompany the soup, Brendan baked a loaf of his signature Irish Soda bread (made with home-made buttermilk) and Bethany made some queso fresco.  For dessert, we had a cherry -raspberry clafouti, but I was so enjoying eating it I forgot to snap a photo.
All this week, when they weren't picking berries (note Bethany's clever "blickey basket" contraption for berry-picking),
Bethany and Brendan were jammin.'  Some of the raspberry, black raspberry, and raspberry-hot pepper jam will be sold at the Farmers Market tomorrow.


Mama Pea said...

If everyone only knew how different and wonderful food raised on a homestead/small farm tastes. And what a fantastic job it does of nourishing our bodies! Real food. So fresh it can't be replicated by purchasing it in a grocery store.

If you feel it appropriate, it would be interesting to do a post on your two interns. How you located them, why they chose to intern on your farm, what their future plans are, etc. Anything you would want to share would be very interesting.

Rain said...

fantastic job jammin!! Beautiful berries!!