Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Cows

When we woke up this morning at 6 a.m. it was already 80+ degrees and drippingly humid out.  Way too hot to do any gardening today, but I let my live lawnmower out and she went to work on the back yard.

I moved all the cows to the back yard because there are many large trees providing shade and it is on the crest of the hill, so usually has a bit of a breeze.  I worry about all the animals in this sauna-like weather, but especially the cows.  I know they like to lie in wet, cool places when it hot - this morning when LaFonda came in to be milked she was covered in mud and poo from choosing the wettest,  muddiest spot possible to spend the night.  I had to give her a bath before I could even milk her.

Someone on The Family Cow online message board mentioned that she discovered her cow standing in the water tank when it was hot, and others responded that cows like to keep their feet cool by standing in cool streams when it is hot.  So, Rog hauled out the old kiddie pool we used to confine day-old chicks last year and I filled it with water.  LaFonda dipped her toe in to test the water, then climbed right in.  All the cows were curious and investigated, but LaFonda is the only one to go wading so far.  She has been standing in the pool, chewing her cud, for three hours now.
Meanwhile, Lindy played with his old friend, the tire swing.

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gz said...

sensible cows!