Friday, July 1, 2011


Today was a scorcher -- 100 degrees actual temperature and very humid, so the heat index was 115 F.  Of course it also happened to be our baking day for the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  Brendan and Bethany spent most of the day in front of the wood stove outside valiantly baking bread and the electric stove inside, enthusiastically baking tarts and cupcakes.

This afternoon when I walked across the patio barefoot it was so hot it burned the soles of my feet;, I decided to find out whether it was hot enough to fry an egg. I didn't want to make a mess of egg on the patio pavers, so I used a cast iron frying pan, which after about 10 minutes seemed as hot as the pavers (but is probably not  a true test). Brendan helped me so I could get a photo. I am disappointed to report that we did not successfully fry an egg.  We did measure the temp of the surface with our gun-like oven thermometer, however, and learned it was 125 F.
Since it is  Independence Day weekend, Bethany was inspired to make some patriotic treats to sell at the  Farmers Market tomorrow. These rhubarb-blueberry Old Glory tarts are glorious!
Despite the oppressive heat it  was a productive day. I worked with the bees with  my mentor Tom (see upcoming bee post) , Rog and I  mowed the entire estate, we  finished cleaning out the loafing shed and  put down fresh bedding, to mention a few accomplishments.  Each of these tasks left us drenched in sweat.
Tonight a cold front is coming through and we are in for thunderstorms with the unstable weather transition. The temperature dropped  20 degrees.  The wind picked up, branches swished and the  windmill spun crazily. As the first huge raindrops hit, the fragrance of the air became deliciously earthy and fresh. I sat on the steps and turned my camera to "video" to try to capture a few moments of relief.

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Marcia said...

I enjoy reading your blog. What an interesting adventure you are having on your farm. Some feedback on your text color: it's difficult to read on the background you've selected. I'd go with a lighter color.

I suppose the heat you're having will be coming our way very soon. DOn't look forward to that as we have enjoyed temps in the 80ºs with low humidity. Aww summer!